Hole 4

Par 5 | 331 – 515 Yards

About this hole

The first of three par 5s on the front nine, the fourth hole is also the first of the split-fairway holes. Starting from the ridge that also serves the third green, the tee shot hugs a grove of oaks to the right to a landing area that fades away from the golfer. Beyond the grove, the expansiveness of Braemar comes into view for the first time.


Tee Length
Championship 515
E 488
D 451
I 437
N 376
A 331

Playing tip

One feature of the upper route is a chance for the better golfer to use the strong right-to-left slope to shape a wood or long-iron from right to left. Properly executed, the shot should kick on the down-slope and roll onto the putting surface from there.