Hole 13
Par 3 | 133 – 204 Yards

About this hole

The original Braemar layout had a par 3 in this same spot that played downhill to a similar green location. It was a favorite memory of the locals.

The views of surrounding holes four, five, six, 14 and 15 are worth the trip as is the distant Minnesota landscape. From a design standpoint, the three-club difference from back tee to green tempers the long climb. The putting surface is broken into five separate pin placements set almost in a pinwheel fashion around the center point, some of which are separated by ridges and others by swales. 



Tee Length
Championship 204
E 189
D 178
I 151
N 144
A 133

Playing tip

Demanding on walkers, yes, but the view is too good to pass up. Rarely does such elevation change (more than 80 feet downhill) present itself on a site that isn’t found in the mountains. Yet as such a dramatic view of the Twin Cities as this hole affords, the green still presents a challenge in the form of a series of high points scattered randomly from back to front and side to side. Three sand bunkers frame both sides of the green. A short tee shot must be followed up with a recovery shot played over a mound/ridge complex onto the putting surface.