Hole 10
Par 4 | 240 – 382 Yards

About this hole

The straightaway par 4 10th hole also plays to an elevated green that seems accessible enough thanks to the absence of any surrounding sand. The tee shot seems equally innocuous other than a small wetland waiting to catch a slightly right shot. Although the green does not have any bunkers, a large mound on the front right of the approach extends into the putting surface, blocking easy access for a low running approach.

The standout feature of this hole is a singular hillock that bisects the putting surface profile from the fairway. Granted, in this day and age of target golf, the hazard can be avoided by air for most golfers. Visually, though, it is another story. Coupled with a subtle ridge line running diagonally from left to right across the landing area, the hillock demands precise placement of one’s tee shot if a full view of the green on the approach is the goal.



Tee Length
Championship 382
E 355
D 323
I 300
N 287
A 240

Playing tip

The further tee plays to the right, the more the green is screened from view by the hillock, it almost forces a blind approach. The desired tee shot is to the narrow left portion of the fairway, bringing rough and water into play for those who leak too far in that direction. The hillock and grass hollows in front, to the right, and behind the green are the primary hazards on this hole, along with a ridge bisecting the green from the left-side wood line. The result is the challenge of tee placement and utilizing the ground contours with an approach, rather than just the avoidance of sand.